Sunday, December 9, 2007

Victor is sick

Farmers Market in Quepos and Surf @ Playa Espadilla

Today we lost a tribe member. Victor is sick with the flu and never left his bed.

Robert and I headed to Quepos to refresh supplies at the local farmers market along the ocean boardwalk.

The market was well stocked with chicken, beef, and every fruit and vegetable we have become accustomed to in California. The produce was fresh and presented in your typical SLO farmer’s market style. The only exception was the diverse nationalities of those selling their products. The healthy selections quickly changed to fresh Quaker baked cinnamon rolls and chocolate filled pastries. The vendor was dressed in typical Quaker garb, blue bonnets and all.

While walking the market we noticed the slow three to four foot surf break right off the Pez Vela breakwater in Quepos bay.

The surf was perfect and Robert knew that we had very little time before the tide would change. We rushed back to the condo to check on Victor. Victor was out but starting to feel better.

After Robert and I consumed all the freshly baked Quaker food we headed to Playa Espadilla to rent a board for me.

The problem was Playa Espadilla was 7 kilometers south of Quepos and by the time we rented the board and returned to Quepos, the perfect break was now a perfect water ski lake.

We headed back to Playa Espadilla where we surfed until the mesmerizing tropical sunset closed out our last set to our day.

Victor is feeling better and we hope to see him in action tomorrow.

Hasta luaego,

Jim, Victor and Robert

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