Friday, December 7, 2007

Monkey for Breakfast

Monkeys for breakfast!

Not for us to eat, but for us to watch.

This morning offered lots of humidity and a friendly visit from squirrel monkeys in the canopy outside the house.

They move very fast and usually stay in the trees away from view. After much effort and frustration I was able to grab a few shots to share.

We seem to be stuck on the same restaurant – Bambu Jam. We went there our first night and fell in love with the Gnocchi made with plantains and morel mushrooms. They also prepare a variety of fresh fish with a selection of salsas – my favorite is mango with chipolata peppers and cumin. Tonight they have music so we have reserved a table – guess that you can never get enough of a good thing.

Jim and I are going on a canopy zip-line tour today. They have professional photographers so I will not be taking the camera. Hopefully they will get some good shots of us zooming through the trees.

The internet and telephony networks here are all government controlled, and very unreliable – I love that.

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