Monday, December 10, 2007


Okay, so here it is…. Day eight, two fifteen in the afternoon, we decide to rent jet skis and I suggest we rent them for two hours so that we can head south to explore the coastline and river mouths (potential surf spots) past the National Park. We had to convince the owners that we actually knew what we were doing and that, had we not chosen our respective professional careers, we would most certainly be photo journalists or crocodile hunters, documenting the wilds of places such as this. He spit in the sand and scoffed but, after Victor slipped the skeptic an extra twenty, we were on our way! Out through the four-foot shore break we headed. We immediately turned south and gunned it to Punta Catedral, the most westerly point of Parque Nacional, Manuel Antonio. Jim and I headed into the shallows after passing the point, wanting to explore Playa Manuel Antonio. This beach lies on the southerly edge of the narrow isthmus of sand and trees that appears as the “neck” to the “head” of the elevated rock formation that forms Cathedral Point. It’s protected from the westerly winds and swell and, as a result, the water was quite smooth. We quickly realized that by hugging the shoreline, we could remain in relatively calm waters, at least until we sought an adrenaline rush by surfing the swells that were now approaching seven to eight feet in height.

Victor? Where the hell is Victor?! Not seeing him, Jim and I continue south past several additional rock outcroppings, towards the Boca Naranjo, the mouth of the river Naranjo. Seeing, and rapidly approaching the opening, we quickly analyzed the swell before we blasted into the river and beached on the north facing shore. We sat on some driftwood and waited for Victor. He finally appeared, after (according to him), being diverted by a renegade band of highly aggressive Howler Monkeys that had somehow suspended themselves out over a rocky outcropping, dangling, linked together in a chain, hand to foot, within grasp of the water. They were apparently grabbing for Rooster Fish that would leap out of the water at any given moment!

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cecilia said...

Hola amigos: disfruté mucho de vuestra inteligente y divertida compañía. Son tres hombres maravillosos con los cuales se puede compartir buenos momentos. Espero algún día no muy lejano poder conocer a vuestras familias. Cuando elegí vivir aquí, en un lugar donde la gente viene de vacaciones, una de las cosas que mas me gustó es que todos sonríen. Todos cuando estamos de vacaciones, libres de presiones, disfrutamos como los niños, nos reímos, compartimos una buena comida, disfrutamos, vivimos el presente. Yo elegí vivir en un lugar de vacaciones, donde la risa, la alegría y la no rutina estén presentes en mi vida. Lo único triste es que casi todos se van y solo quedan los recuerdos de los buenos momentos compartidos, pero esto también es una enseñanza, de que no hay que aferrarse a nada en la vida, solo vivir y disfrutar el presente que es lo único que existe y ser mejor cada día, que es el reto que cada uno tiene consigo mismo para hacer de este mundo un lugar mejor. Deseo que la risa y el disfrute que vivieron aquí, lo tengan por siempre en sus corazones, y así poder transmitirlo a sus familias. Costa Rica es un paraíso pero depende de nosotros que aún sea un lugar mejor para todos cada día. Que Dios los bendiga.Vuelvan pronto!!! Saludos. Cecilia.